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The Ferrers Household


We are the Ferrers Household a 15th Century Reenactment Society portraying the retained men and women under the command of our Lord.

Sir Walter Devereux - Lord Ferrers

(c. 1431 - 1485)​

Walter Devereux was a minor member of the English peerage and a loyal supporter of the Yorkist cause during the Wars of the Roses. Walter was born in Weobley, Herefordshire. At the tender age of only thirteen, Walter was married Anne Ferrers who predeceased him by seventeen years and became Baron Ferrers of Chartley in right of his wife in 1462. Walter, who went on to become the Viscount Devereux, later married Mary Grey.

As a Yorkist, Walter held many offices under King Edward IV. In 1461 and 1469, Walter was the commissioner of array for Herefordshire, Shropshire and Gloucestershire, gaining Worcestershire in 1469. During 1470 and 1471 he served as joint commissioner of array for Herefordshire and in 1474 he served both Shropshire and Herefordshire. His career was very distinguished, his role at the battle of Towton in 1461 gained him the honour of becoming a Knight of the Garter.

Devereux's other notable battles include Barnet in 1471, Tewkesbury 1471 and Bosworth in 1485. Many of which we still reenact to this this day.

As a supporter of King Richard III, Walter fought in the great and famous Battle of Bosworth on the 22 August 1485. There, the Lord Ferrers commanded in the vanguard under John Howard, Duke of Norfolk. Walter was slain during the initial fight with the Earl of Oxford's opposing van, fighting next to the young Lord John Zouche. Walter Devereux fought alongside Sir Robert Brackenbury and Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey. Sir Robert, like many, died during the battle whilst Thomas Howard was wounded and taken prisoner. He later gave his loyalty to King Henry VII and served both him and his son, Henry VIII.

Walter had 5 children Katherine, John who would take his fathers title of Lord Ferrers, Elizabeth, Sibill and Walter.

Katherine, the eldest child married Sir James Baskerville. John (Walter's Heir) married Ciceley Bourchier. Elizabeth married the Knight Richard Corbet and the youngest child Sibill married Sir Knight James Baskerville

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The Ferrers Household

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